A variable product is a product type that lets you sell a single product with different variations.

Each variation can have its own price, stock, image, and you can manage them differently.

A dress available in several colours or sizes is an example of a variable product.

Create Product

In this example, we will create a women's boot with variations.

  • Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard.

  • Open Products.

  • Find Products

  • Click "Add new".

Name and Description

  • Input new Product Name and Product Description.

Main Image

We can now set the main image for our Variable Product.

  • In Product Image panel, click "Set product image".

  • Choose required image and click "Set product image".

Let's add the other Images we want to display of our variable product.

  • In Product gallery, click "Add product gallery images".

  • Select required images to add to your gallery.

  • Click "Add to gallery" to save.

Product data

  • Select Variable product in Product data dropdown,


Let's add the SKU number of your product.

  • In the Product data, choose Variable product.

  • In the Inventory tab, Input SKU number.

  • Open Attributes tab.

  • Find "Custom product attribute" dropdown.


  • Select "Colour".

  • Click "Add".

  • This opens the Edit Product page.

  • Open the "Values" dropdown and add the required Colours.

  • Make sure to check the "Used for variations" box.

  • Click "Save attributes" button.


  • In the Attributes tab, Select Material in the "Custom product attribute" dropdown.

  • Click "Add".

  • Select terms (such as Leather, Suede, Vinyl).

  • Once you have added all your variations,

  • Check "Used for variations" box.

  • Click "Save attributes" button.


  • In the Attributes tab, Select Size in the "Custom product attribute" dropdown.

  • Click "Add".

  • Select required terms (such as Small, Medium, Large).

  • When you have added all your required terms, make sure that "Used for variations" box is checked.

  • Click "Save attribute".

  • This is what it should look like now with all the dropdowns open (Colour, Material, Size).

  • Find and open Variations tab.

  • Open the "Add variation" dropdown and select "Create variations from all attributes".

  • Click "Go".

  • A message will ask you fi you are sure you want to precede.

  • Click "OK".

  • In the example, 27 variations of Colour, Material and Size (including terms) have been added.


Now we can add the Price to our variations.

To save time, we will give them all the same price but we can modify individual prices afterwards.

  • Click "Add price".

  • This opens a price window into which you can input the required price.

  • Click "Add prices" to confirm.

Edit individual variations

  • Now we can edit individual variations.

  • Click "Edit" to open the Variation tab.

The tab gives you access to all the variable information about each individual product. You can add or modify an Image, modify Price, SKU, Stock status, Sale price, Weight, Dimensions, Shipping Class, Description.

Remove individual variations

If you need to remove individual variations, you can do so here.

  • Click "Remove" to remove the selected variation.

Change order

You can change the order of your product variations.

  • Click the Icon to "Drag and drop" items to the required place.

Short description

This is useful for adding further details about a product such as composition.

  • Add required short description in the paragraph window.

  • When you are happy with what you have added, click the "Publish" button to save your Variable product.

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