Font Sets

Font Sets have been deprecated in favour of the Font Manager. If you choose to continue managing your fonts through Font Sets, toggle the Deprecated Font Sets option in settings.
Font Sets can be browsed, added, removed or edited from the Settings Tab.
Most of the time, with over 900+ fonts available, you will find yourself using the included Google Fonts. But there will come a time where you want to upload your own custom fonts that you have found on the internet or have created yourself.
Cwicly only accepts fonts in the .woff2 format.

Enable Font Sets (Cwicly Settings)

Activate this option if you want to continue managing your old font sets.
  • In the Advanced settings, find Deprecated Font Sets in Deprecated.
  • Toggle on/off as required.


  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Open the Font Sets panel.
  • Enter the desired Font Name in the Font Set Name field.
  • Click Add.


This allows you to add a font variation to your Font Set such as weight, style and display).
  • In "Available Font Sets", find the custom Font Name you wish to edit.
  • Click Edit.

Add Custom Font Variation

Weight The weight property defines what the weight is for the current variation of the font
Style The style property Defines whether the Style for the current variation of the font is Normal, Oblique or Italic
Display The display property Lets you specify how web fonts are loaded in the web browser and applied to your website.
  • Click Add Font Variation.
  • Select the corresponding Weight option in the dropdown as required (Bold, 100, 200, 300 etc).
  • Select the corresponding Style option in the dropdown as required (Normal, Italic, Oblique).
  • Select the corresponding Display option in the dropdown as required (Auto, Block, Swap, Fallback, Optional).
  • Click Upload for the corresponding WOFF2 File.
Open the Font Set file that you wish to add.
  • Select the required WOFF2 file.
  • Click Add Font Variation to add the font variation you have uploaded.
You can add additional font variations as required.


  • Open the Fonts Sets panel.
  • Find the Font Sets you wish to remove.
  • Click Delete.
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