The Link properties encapsulate all the different settings that will allow you to control and enable a link for a specific block.

Once activated, it doesn’t wrap your block in a link wrapper, but instead transforms it in a link, allowing it to conserve the characteristics of the initial block.

The following blocks support the Link feature:

  • Button

  • Div

  • Paragraph

  • Heading

  • Icon

  • Column

  • Slide

  • List

  • Select the block to which you wish to add a link.

  • Navigate to the Primary tab of the Block Inspector

  • Find the Link icon.

  • Click to open the Link panel.

  • Links are not active unless "Active" is toggled on.

The Type property allows you to define the link as a URL or an action.

  • Links can be either a URL (Uniform Resource Locator or web address) or an Action.


When clicked, ÚRL will link to a chosen URL. This can be either static or dynamic.

When the Action property is selected, a Link, when clicked, will perform a chosen action.

  1. Select a block

  2. Open the Block Inspector

  3. Navigate to the Primary tab

  4. Find the Define as link property

  5. Find the Link Type property

  6. Select the desired value from the dropdown

The Link Source property gives you the option to choose whether the URL source should be static or dynamic.

pageLink Source

The Link Action property gives you the option to choose between different actions that will be performed when a user clicks on the Link Wrapper.

pageLink Action

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