Components Library

The Components LIbrary regroups all your Components.

The Components Library is sorted by New, Old and Folders.

You can set a List or a Grid view depending on user preference.


You can access the Components Library from the Cwicly sidebar.

  • Click the Components icon to open the Components Library.

You will find import and export icons, a remove icon, a Search bar, a "Sort by" selector and a list or grid view of your components.


You can Import a component into your Components library by uploading a suitable file.

  • Click the Import icon.

The Import Components modal is where you can import Components and Folders.

  • Open the Components Library.

  • Click the "Import Components" icon to import Components or Folders.

  • Toggle the required option(s).

  • Click "Upload file" and choose the file you require.

Export Components Library

You can export the entire Components library if required.

  • Open the Components Library.

  • Click the "Export Components" icon to export the collection.

Export Individual Components

You can also export individual components.

  • Open the Components LIbrary.

  • Right click on the component you wish to export.

  • Select "Export (file)" in the dropdown.


  • Click the "X" icon to close the Components Library.

You can search the Components LIbrary for a specific Component or Folder.

  • Input the name of your Component or Folder in the Search Bar.

Sort by

The "Sort by" property allows you to sort your Components and Folders by different categories: New, Old, Folders. You can also change between Grid and List view.

  • Open the Components LIbrary.

  • To sort by "New", click the New button. The Components will be displayed with the Components recently added at the top.

  • To sort by "Old", click the Old button.

  • The components will be displayed with the oldest components first.

  • To sort by "Folders", click the Folders button.

  • The components will be displayed as Folders.

List View/Grid View Toggle

The List View/Grid View toggle allows you to toggle between displaying your Folders or Components in List form or Grid form as required.

List View

  • Toggle to display as a list.

Grid View

  • Toggle to display as a Grid.

Add to Canvas

The Components in theC omponents library can be added to the Canvass.

Once the Component is added to the Canvass, it will need to be connected.

  • Open the Components Library in the Cwicly Quick Inserter.

  • Select Component you wish to add.

It will automatically be added to the canvas.

Remove from Canvas

A component that has been added to the canvas can be removed.

  • Select the component to be removed from the canvas.

  • Click the "bin" icon in the toolbar to remove from canvas.


Use this property to delete the component permanently.

  • To permanently delete a component, hover over the component and click the "X" icon.

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