Nested Repeater

A nested repeater is a repeater that adds additional data that you want to repeat separately from the parent repeater - inserted into another repeater.

As an example, in the case of a team, the nested repeater could be a "skills" list. Another advantage is that the nested repeater can be styled separately to further personalise your design.

Always choose repeater in the Source dropdown in the Primary tab of the Block Inspector and not ACF.

Parent Repeater

Nested Repeater inside Parent

Set up Nested ACF Repeater inside your Parent Repeater

In order to set up a nested repeater in the editor, we need to edit the parent ACF repeater from the dashboard.

  • Navigate to Custom Fields

  • Find the repeater group to which you wish to add a nested repeater.

  • Click to open.

  • Click the repeater to open it up.

  • Find Sub Fields and click "+ Add Field".

  • Find Field Type.

  • Choose repeater in the dropdown.

  • Input nested repeater name.

  • Click "+ Add Field".

  • Open the Field Type dropdown and choose the required field type, depending on what type of additional data you want to add.

  • Find Field Label and add the name of the data you are adding.

  • Click "+ Add New Field" if you want to add additional Field Types.

  • Click the "Save Changes" button to save your new nested repeater.

Set up Nested Repeater Fields in the Editor

  • Find the Nested Repeater Field(s) in the repeater window at the bottom of the editor.

  • Click "Add Row".

  • Input the required fields of the Nested Repeater.

  • Add as many rows as desired and input your data.

Refresh your page to see the latest dynamic data appear.

  • When you have completed the data fields, you need to add the nested repeater inside the parent repeater.

  • To do this, select the parent repeateror the block inside the parent repeater where you want your nested repeater to appear.

  • Add a new repeater block (for your nested repeater).

  • Navigate to the Primary tab of the Block Inspector.

  • Select Repeater in the Source dropdown.

Be careful to select Repeater and not ACF.

  • Find Field.

  • In the dropdown, select the Nested Repeater you want to add ( already created in the Dashboard).

  • Now, in the Placeholder, click "+ Add Block".

  • Choose the type of block you require for the data of your nested repeater.

  • With the block selected, click the dynamic data icon.

  • Select Repeater in the Source dropdown.

Remember to choose Repeater and not ACF.

  • Choose required field in dropdown (the nested repeater field you created before in the dashboard).

  • You can customise your nested repeater in the usual way.

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