Component Properties Modal

Component Properties Modal

The Component Properties Modal allows you to modify your existing properties and to create new ones.


  • The Component Properties Modal opens when you click the "+" icon to add a new property.

  • Select the required property in the dropdown in the Block Inspector.

  • Find the required property in the Component Properties modal.


You can also access the modal by clicking the icon in the Block Inspector.

  • Also, the Component Properties modal will open when you click a property.


The right hand panel of the Component Properties modal allows you to configure the selected property. The options available will depend on the type of property selected.

  • Open the Component Properties modal.

  • Select a property.

  • Configure as required depending on property type.

Each Property have three tabs: Settings, Layout and Usage.


The Settings tab allows you to configure the general settings of the Property selected. This includes Name, Default text, Placeholder text, Canvas Placeholder text and selecting whether the Type is simple (static) or advanced (dynamic).


Allows you to personalise the Layout of a property display such as Hide Label and Top Label.

Hide Label: allows you to show or hide a label.

Top Label: allows you to place the label above.


The default layout is Label next to text Field.

Hide Label

This property allows you to show/hide the label as required.

  • Select Layout in the Property modal.

  • Toggle on Hide Label.

  • The label is now hidden.

Top Label

This property allows you display the label above the text field.

  • Open Layout tab in Property modal.

  • Toggle on Top Label.

  • The Label now appears above the text field.


This property lets you know how many entities you are connected to and which ones.

  • Open the Usage tab in the Components Properties modal.

  • The modal will display how many entities are connected and where they can be found.

  • If you hover over the entity in modal, you can locate it on the page.

Property Display

The Component Properties Icon panel allows you to select and display a certain type of property such as text, rich text, link, icon etc.

  • Open the Component Properties modal.

  • Find the Component Properties Icon panel at the top left.

  • Select the Property type you wish to display, such as text.

  • The Text Properties you have created will be displayed in the Properties list to the bottom left.

If no properties have been created under a particular type, no properties will be displayed.

If you unselect everything in the Component Properties Icon panel then all your properties will be displayed.

To speed up your workflow, you can also add a new property directly from the Component Property modal.

  • Open the Component Properties modal.

  • Click the "+ New" button at the bottom of the left hand column.

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