The fragmentblock is a container (invisible on the front end) to which you can add a fragment (containing one or more template parts).
This allows you to add one or more template parts wherever you are in your Template, Page, Post etc.

Add a Fragment Block

  • Search for the
    button block in the Quick Inserter or Inserter Panel.
  • Click the fragment block to insert it into your parent block.
How To - Global Parts & Fragments

Add a Fragment

You can add a fragment (multiple template parts) to your fragment block, such as headers, footers or custom fragments.
By default, Global Headers and Footers are available in the Fragment dropdown.
  • Select a fragment block.
  • Choose Global Header or Global Footer in dropdown as required.
  • Open the Block Inspector.
  • Choose required Global Fragment in the dropdown.

Add a Custom Fragment

A Custom fragment can be added from the Cwicly Themer in the Dashboard.
  • From the Dashboard, open the Cwicly Themer.
  • Open Fragments(top left corner)
  • Click "+ Fragment" to open the New Fragment modal.
  • Input Fragment name and click Create.
  • In the Custom section, click the "+" icon next to the Fragment you wish to add.
  • Select the required Custom fragment in the dropdown.
  • Select the required Custom fragment in the dropdown in the Block Inspector.
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