Auto Grid

Auto Grid

The Auto Grid property allows you to define whether the columns block should automatically repeat the layout that is used for the first row over to the next rows (if there are enough column blocks).

With Auto Grid selected, the module button allows you to add the number of modules you set for the row. A module can be thought of as a placeholder for your column blocks.

You cannot add more modules than the number of fractions you have set.

When the Auto Grid property is active, only the first row of the layout built in the Grid Editor will be used as a pattern. For this reason, Cwicly will not apply/modify your layout if you have set more than one row to the Grid Editor.

  • Select a columns block.

  • Open the Primary tab of the Block Inspector.

  • Open the Settings tab.

  • Click Auto Grid.

  • Click Grid Editor to open the Auto Grid Editor.

You can add modules, add fractions, adjust height, row and column gap as required.

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