Global Styles

Global Styles are CSS styles that are applied to elements throughout the entire website, rather than being applied only to specific elements on individual pages.

These styles can include things like default font, font size, and font colour, default background colour or image, elements such as buttons or links and the default alignment of text and other elements.

Global Styles help to ensure that the website has a consistent look and feel, and it can also make it easier to make changes to the design of the website, because the changes will be applied automatically to all the pages on the site.

The Global Styles option adds an interface to apply styling when in the Gutenberg editor.

Global Styles are automatically saved when you save or publish a post or page.

If you wish to only save the Global Styles, click on Save Settings in the Global Styles tab.

  1. Navigate and click the Cwicly Global Styles menu tab

  2. Modify the desired property.

Style Variations

There are 3 Style Variations (Style 1, Style 2, Style 3).

Style Variations allow you to switch between user defined Global Style Properties in an instant. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best combination of colour and typography for your site.

  1. Navigate to the Global Styles panel

  2. Select the desired style

Global Colours

The Global Colours group allows you to add global colors to your website. So you can create a unified color palette across your entire website, but also perform adjustments across the board.

pageGlobal Colours

Global Typography

The Global Typography group allows you to apply Global Typographic Styles across your website for common elements (body text, links, headings etc.).

pageGlobal Typography

Global Block Typography

The Global Block Typography panel allows you to add global block typography that can be added on a per block basis, but also perform adjustments across the board.

pageGlobal Block Typography

Theme Elements

Allows you to apply styling to website elements on a global level.

pageTheme Elements


Allows you to customise various Cwicly settings.

pageGlobal Settings

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