Colour Type

Adds a colour that the user can use to select a particular attribute.

Add Attribute Colour Type

  • Select Colour in the Type dropdown.

  • Click "Add Attribute" to save Attribute Colour Type.

Configure Terms

The Configure Terms link opens an Edit Product Colour Terms page.

  • Click "Configure Terms" to open.

  • Add Colour Name, Slug and Description.

  • Click "Select Colour" to select a specific colour.

  • This will open a colourpicker where you can choose the required colour.

  • Click "Add New Colour" to save your product colour attribute term.

  • The new colour term will appear in the Product colour window of the Edit Attribute page.

Edit Attribute Colour Term

You can edit an attribute colour type by finding the colour you want to edit in the Attribute Type window of the Edit Attribute page.

  • Navigate to Edit Product Colour page.

  • Hover over Colour to be edited.

  • Click Edit.

  • This will open an Edit colour modal.

  • Change the variables you require, such as Name, Slug, Description or Colour.

  • Click Update to save changes.

Quick Edit Attribute Colour Term

You can edit any attribute colour type quickly from within the Product Colour window.

  • On the Product Colour Page, hover over the colour to be edited quickly.

  • Click Quick Edit to bring up a new window.

  • Modify the Name or Slug as required.

  • Click "Update Colour" button to save changes.

Delete Attribute Colour Term

You can delete a selected colour type from the Product colour page.

  • Navigate to the Product Colour window.

  • Hover over colour to be deleted.

  • Click delete to remove colour term.

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