Global Typography

Allows you to add a Global Block Typography to your block that you have previously created.

Any styles you have set on the block will take precedence over the Global settings.

Modify or Create

  • Select a block.

  • Open the Block Inspector.

  • Open Typography tab in Globals.

  • Open the Elements tab.

  • Open the Block Typography tab.

Add New

  • Find the required name or click "+" icon to create a new Block Typography.

Rename and Style

  • Input required name.

  • Style as required.


  • Click return icon to leave the styling panel.

Add to Block

  • Select a block.

  • Open the Block Inspector.

  • Navigate to the Design Tab.

  • Open the Typography Tab.

  • Find the Global Typography Icon next to the Preset name.

  • Select the desired Global Block Typography preset in the dropdown.

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