Default Units

You can set your unit preferences in the Global Styles tab of the Block Inspector. This allows you to set different global units for the different properties of your site including: Default, Font, Position, Dimension, Background, Filter, Transform, Spacing, Flex, Border, Grid, Box Shadow and Outline.

The Unit preferences will automatically be applied so there is no need to refresh the page.

  • Open the Global Styles tab in the Block Inspector.

  • Open the Defaults panel of the Settings tab.

  • Find Default Units and click "Selectors" to open the Default Units modal.

Default Units Modal

The Default Units Modal contains all the properties available to which you can allocate default units.

It is divided into categories by property type.

The Modal can be resized, closed, moved to required position and scrolled through.


  • To resize Default Units modal, hover over the resize icon at the right bottom corner and drag to required position.


  • Click "X" icon at top right corner to close the Default Units modal.

Set Default Units

  • Find property to which you want to set global units.

  • Click "unset" to the right of the property and choose required units in the dropdown.

  • The new units will appear in the property field.

Unset Default Units

  • To unset a global property Default Unit, click on the blue dot next to the set unit.

Global Default Reset

  • To reset all the property units to their default settings, click the "Remove" icon next to the Selectors field.

  • This will return all property units to "Unset".

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