Library: Add Stylesheet

Open the Global Classes and Stylesheets tab.

Right click on the Global Stylesheets icon to bring up a modal.

Click the cloud icon, "Save all to Library" which will bring you to the Design Library menu.

Fill out the name you want to give to your collection, choose a style, and a Featured image( optional).

Toggle on or off the community button depending on whether or not you want to share your Global Stylesheets with the community.

Then, click "Save to Library".

Choose which library you want to add your collection to.

If you want to create a new library, click on the "+" icon.

A notification at the bottom will confirm that your stylesheet have been successfully saved.

To view your saved Global Stylesheets, open the Design Library.

Navigate to Stylesheets.

You should see the thumbnail of your new collection.

If not, click the button to refresh.

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