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The Nav Menu block allows you to import a previously created WordPress menu to your Nav block.

The WordPress menu hierarchy is automatically integrated so that you can achieve complex Nav menu layouts directly from the WordPress menu editor.

Single top level items will automatically become nav links.

Top level items that contain nested items will automatically be considered as drop downs.

If there is only one sub level of items, they will be displayed as a single list dropdown.

If there is a second level of items, then the first level will be used as the group title element and its sub items will be used as group links.

The Nav Menu block always displays the latest version of the selected WordPress menu and any changes you make will instantly be reflected inside the Nav menu, making it the ideal solution for users and clients that like managing their menus inside WordPress.

Add a Nav Menu

You can import a WordPress menu to your Nav.

  • Select the Nav Items block.

  • Add a Nav Menu block from the Cwicly toolbar.

  • You can choose to add an existing menu or create a new one.

Select a Menu

  • Click "+ Select Menu".

  • In the Block Inspector choose required Menu in the dropdown.

  • If there are no Menus available, click "+ Create New Menu".

Create a Menu

  • Click "+ Create New Menu".

  • This will take you to Menus in the Appearance tab of the Wordpress dashboard where you can create a new menu.


To add a second section to your dropdown menu you can add a Footer directly from WordPress Menus.

  • In the Dashboard, Find the Appearance tab and open Menus.

  • Find the item to which you want to add to a Footer.

  • Open the dropdown and find "is footer" and click box to enable.

Hide Title

The Hide Title option allows you to hide a required item title.

  • In the Dashboard, Find the Appearance tab and open Menus.

  • Find the item title you want to Hide.

  • Open the dropdown and find "Hide Title" and click box to hide title.

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