External products in WooCommerce are products that are not managed by WooCommerce.

These products are usually managed by another e-commerce system, such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Alternatively, they may be Affiliate products.

Setting up External Products is much the same as for other products but you will be linking them to another, external site.

Create an External Product

  • Navigate to the Products tab in the Dashboard.

  • Click "Add New".

Add Title and Description

  • Add External Product detaila such as Title and Description.

Set Main Image

  • In the Product Image panel, click "Set product image".

  • Choose main Product Image.

  • In Product Gallery panel, click "Add product gallery images".

  • Select required gallery images.

Select External product data

  • Find the Product data dropdown.

  • Select External/Affiliate product in dropdown.

  • In the General tab,

  • Add Product URL (the external site where the product is located).

  • Add Button text.

  • Input Regular Price.

  • Input Sale Price as required (our demonstration product is not on sale).


  • In the Inventory tab, Input required SKU for your External Product.

Add Product Short Description

  • Add Product short description.


  • Click "Publish" to save the External product you have added.

  • You should find your External Product on the Products page.

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