The list block allows you to create unordered and ordered lists of text and information in a well formed and semantic way.


The list block only allows text content.

The list block is a quick way to create lists of text that sit on top of each other.

You can add a new line to the list block by pressing the Enter key.

Add a list

If you want to add a list block outside any other block on the page:

  1. Click on the βž• ​​icon to open the Inserter Panel

If you want to add a list block inside a parent block:

  1. Open the Quick Insert panel in the parent block

List Type

Allows you to choose between different list types (ordered, unordered & icon) as well as their list styles.

pageList Types


Allows you to set specific settings for the list block.



When activated, the Icon property allows you to choose whether you want the list bullet to be an icon.

Activate/deactivate icon
  1. Select a list block

  2. Open the Block Inspector

  3. Navigate to the Primary tab

  4. Open the Icons tab​​

  5. Find the Icon property

  6. Toggle the Icon property



Background Color adds a color or gradient to your image or gallery block.

pageText ColourpageLink ColourpageBackground


The Typography property allows you to modify the List typography, including Text, Link and background.


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