Custom Tailwind Configuration

Tailwind has been designed from the ground up with customization in mind.

Although you can achieve just about anything with the default Tailwind configuration, there are times when you need to go just that step further.

Cwicly fully supports Tailwind configurations and plugins.


  • To add a custom Tailwind configuration, navigate to the Globals tab.

  • Open the Tailwind tab.

  • Click the plus icon.

Once added, the configuration will be active by default.

Multiple Configurations

For multiple configurations.

  • Select the required configuration in the dropdown to activate it.


To reset to the default Tailwind configuration:

  • Click the dot next to Active.

Modify Name

  • To modify a configuration’s name, click the pen icon.


  • To remove a configuration, click the bin icon.

Configuration Editor

Below the configuration selector, you will find the configuration editor.

Tailwind Plugins

The official Tailwind plugins may be toggled as required.

Directives Editor

You can also modify Tailwind directives in the directives editor.

For more information about Tailwind customisation, please refer to the Tailwind documentation.

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