Tailwind is a CSS framework that simplifies the process of building modern and responsive web designs. Tailwind is recognised as the industry standard for professionals.

It produces consistent results, is universally understood and easily readable whatever your platform.

This is why Cwicly natively integrates the Tailwind ecosystem to provide the only complete no-code solution for WordPress.

If you want to learn more about Tailwind, head over to their official documentation.

Instantly import Tailwind components with a simple copy/paste.

Choose a component of your choice and copy the provided code. Head over to the editor and paste on your page.

Thanks to smart algorithms, Cwicly automatically detects the different parts of your layout and brings them to life as Cwicly blocks.

Customise and make it your own.

This opens a wide range of design possibilities with access to all pre-made layouts that rely on Tailwind.

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