A Simple Product Type is It's a unique, standalone product without any other variations.

It's the simplest to create, and needs all or some of the following information:

  • Price

  • SKU

  • Stock details

  • Shipping information

Create Product

We are going to create a man's shoe as our example.

In this example, we will add a Name, Description, Main Image, 3 other Images, SKU and short description.

  • Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard.

  • Open Products.

  • Click "Create Product".

Name and Description

  • Enter your Product Name and Description.

Main Image

Now we need to add the main image.

  • Navigate to Product Image panel and click "Set Product Image".

  • This opens the Product Image window.

  • Select Image file.

  • Select required Image and click "Set Product Image".

Now we need to add the other images.

  • In the Product gallery panel, Click "Add product gallery images".

  • Select the other images for your Single Product.

  • Click "Add to gallery".

Product data

You will now see your main image and other images of your simple product.

Now we need to add the Product Data.

Make sure you select Simple product in the Product data dropdown (default).

  • Input Regular price and Sale price (if your product is on sale).


  • Input SKU number in the Inventory tab.

Short Description

You can add a short description with additional information such as product composition.

  • Remember to "Publish" your Simple product to save it.

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