The Desaturate modifier allows you to set variations on the saturation of the selected colour. You can Add new values, Copy your values or Paste a set of values you have created elsewhere.

  • In the Block Inspector, open the Global Styles tab.

  • Open the Colours tab.

  • Select a global colour.

  • Open the Modifiers tab.

  • Select Desaturate as modifier.

Add New

The Add New property allows you to add new Desaturate Values.

  • Click the "+" icon to add a variation.

  • Input required value (between (0 and 100).


The Copy property allows you to copy the Desaturate Values you have created.

  • Click the Copy icon.

  • The Desaturate Variations will be copied to clipboard.


The Paste property allows you to paste an existing set of Desaturate Values.

  • Click the Paste icon.

  • Paste the copied values.

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