Create an Account

In order to be able to save your styles and designs to the Cwicly Cloud , make sure to create an account.

Then you will be able to build your personal libraries.

Go to

If it is your first visit, you will need to register.

So click Register.

Add a Username.

The Username you create will appear in any element you add to a library as “Design block name by Username”.

Enter your email.

Click “Register”.

Check your Email and click the first link.

This will take you to a password or you can generate one.

Remember to click Save Pasword to save the password you want.

It will say “Your password has been reset.”

Now log in by clicking the “Log in” link.

Add the Username you created.

Input the generated password.

Click log in.

This will take you to the Cwicly Cloud Design Library dashboard.

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