Toggle Property

The Toggle Property allows you to configure a toggle state for boolean values. This means that the icon property can be shown or hidden for any property that only has two possible states (true/false).

You can input a suitable Name, and decide whether it should be shown or hidden by Default.

  • Open the Components Properties modal by clicking the "+" icon in the Block Inspector.

  • Select Toggle Property in the dropdown.


The Toggle Property needs to be connected for it to be applied to the canvas.

You need to select "Modify" in the Toolbar or Block Inspector for the blocks that make up a particular component to be visible.

We need to open the Component to see the blocks that it contains.

  • Select the Component to which you want to connect the Colour Property.

  • Select "Modify" in the toolbar or the Block Inspector.

We need to open the Component to see the blocks that it contains.

The individual blocks will now be visible.

  • Select the block to which you wish to add a Toggle Property.

  • In the Block Inspector, click Component icon above the Property you wish to modify to open the Component Properties modal.

The Toggle property should now be visible in the Block Inspector.


Allows you to label the selected Toggle property.

  • Open the Component Properties modal.

  • Select required toggle property.

  • Input suitable label name to Name field.

The Name label is now visible in the Block Inspector.

The Toggle can be set to True or False or left unset depending on your requirements.

  • In the Component Properties modal, select Default you wish to be applied, such as False, True or unselected.

For example, if you set visibility default to "true"

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