Query Editor

The Query Editor helps you to construct and modify a Wordpress Query using a structured format in which you can interactively select components.There are 4 main Query types : Post Types, Terms, Users and Products.

You can also export your Query elsewhere by copying and pasting the generated code.

  1. Click on the βž• ​​icon to open the Inserter Panel

  2. Open the Block Inspector

  3. Navigate to the Primary tab

  4. Find Query Builder icon

  5. Click to open Query Builder Modal

Query ID

The Query ID defines the unique identity of a particular query.

It is used for linking to a filter block.

The Query Editor has 4 query types:

  • Posts

  • Terms

  • Users

  • Comments


Every setting in the Query Editor can have a dynamic source (meaning the data updates automatically), for any query type.


Posts are time specific pieces of content posted on your website. They can be thought of as articles or updates that you share with your readers.

By default, posts are listed in reverse chronological order (this can be changed).


Terms refer to the items in a taxonomy and includes: Taxonomies, Terms, Search, Include/Exclude, Descendants, Order by Order, Pagination, Count, Return Fields, Meta Query, Code.


Users are visitors who have login access to your site.


The Comments property allows you to Add comments to your search query in order to add context for users who may want to use or edit your queries at a later date.

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