Front Page

To set up a template from scratch, we need to add a Front Page template.

The Home Page displays your site's homepage, whether it is set to display latest posts or a static page.

The Front Page template takes precedence over all templates.

  • In the Dashboard, open the Cwicly Themer.

  • Open "+ Default" to open a list of choices.

  • Click "Add New Template".

  • Click "Front Page".

  • Choose the Cwicly Post Content block.

  • The Front Page now displays the Post Content block you have added.

In order to view the posts that have been added to the Front Page, you need to view it from the Front End.

  • Click the "View" icon in the Top Bar and select "View Site" in the dropdown.

Depending on the content of your Post(s), the site should now look something like this.

We will now create a Global Header and Footer that will automatically be added to each page.


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