Save to Community Library

Once you are happy with your design and have followed the Design Submissions Guide, it is time to add your design to the Community Library

  • In the Editor, click the Cwicly Logo to open the Cloud Design Library.

  • Click to open the Active Library button.

  • Choose Community in the dropdown.

  • This will open the Cloud Community Library.

  • The name "Community" will now be displayed as the active library.

  • Click the "cloud" icon in the toolbar.

  • This will open the "Add to Design Library" window.

  • Add a name (and a short description - optional).

  • Choose the category to which you want to add your block design.

  • Add a tag, one that best describes your design.

  • Add a style, one that best describes the style of your design.

  • You can personalise the featured image if you want to.

  • Gallery allows you to add some screenshots to your gallery.

  • Viewpoint width: modifies the scroll thumbnail view.

  • Attach global styles: you can choose whether or not to attach the global styles you have used in the design block if you want to.

  • Insertable: means the block can be inserted inside a block on the page. By default it is toggled on.

  • Ensure that the community button is toggled on.

  • Then click the blue button β€œSave to Library” at the top.

Design Approval

The design you uploaded to the Community library go through an informal approval process to ensure that they follow the Cwicly Community Guidelines.

Once your design has been approved, your design will appear in the Community Cloud Library in the category to which you assigned it.

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