Icon Collections

From the Settings Tab, you can browse available Icon Collections and add a custom collection which may be visualised and deleted.
  • In the Dashboard, open Cwicly Settings.
  • Open the Icon Collections tab.

Available Icon Collections

You can browse the Available Icon Collections from here.
By default these are Font Awesome, Phosphor light, Phosphor Regular, Phosphor Duotone.
Default collections cannot be deleted.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is the world's most popular icon set and toolkit.

Phosphor Light

Phosphor is a light flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations and other applications.

Phosphor Regular

Phosphor is a regular flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations and other applications.

Phosphor Duotone

Phosphor Duotone icons allow you to display two tones or apply two colours by using two layers on the icon, one primary and one secondary.

Add Icon Using IcoMoon

Custom Icon Collections can be added to complement the default collections.
Default Icon Collections cannot be deleted.
To prepare your collection of custom icons, Cwicly recommends using IcoMoon.
  • Go to the IcoMoon app.
  • Click on Import icons or drag the icons from your folder to the IcoMoon app.
  • Once uploaded, Select the icons you wish to use.
  • Click on Generate SVG & More.
  • Change the name of the icons if you want.
  • Click on the :icon-gear: icon next to the Download button.
  • Enter the name of the icon collection.
  • Check the Add <title> to definitions in symbol-defs.svg property.
  • Click and Download the created collection.
Once downloaded, the icon collection you have created will appear as a .zip folder.
Open the folder and find the symbol-defs.svg file. Rename it to a suitable name.


  • Open the Icon Collections panel.
  • Enter the desired Icon Collection Name in the Collection Name field.
  • Choose the .svg file downloaded from IcoMoon.
  • Click Upload.
The Custom Icon collection will appear in the Icon Collections tab of the Settings tab.


  • Open the Icon Collections panel.
  • Find the Icon Collection you wish to remove.
  • Click Delete.