Nav Items Block

The Nav Items block is a block that contains the Nav dropdown, Nav Link and Nav Menu blocks for added flexibility. This allows you to add custom blocks to the main Nav block structure while respecting accessibility guidelines.

The Nav Items block can only be added from the Nav block.

  • Add a Nav block from the Cwicly Toolbar.

  • Choose between Preset Nav or Blank Nav.

Preset Nav

The preset nav comes with a Nav Items block that contains two dropdown blocks, a nav link and a custom dropdown.

Blank Nav

The Blank Nav contains a Nav Items Block which in turn contains a Nav Dropdown and a Nav Link.

You can add more Nav Items and customise the default nav dropdown blocks as required.

Add Nav Items

Nav Items can be added to the Nav Items block from the Nav block.

  • Select the Nav block to which you want to add items.

  • In the Cwicly toolbar, add the required items such as Nav Link, Nav Dropdown, Nav Menu.

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