This section allows you to personalise Basic settings.

You can change these at any time from their respective panels.


The Basics settings allow you to add a Site Icon, a Title and add a Tagline.

Site Icon

This allows you to personalise your site by adding a Site Icon or Favicon.

  • Click Site Icon to upload your Icon.

  • Click Select File or Drop file to upload.

  • Select required site icon.

  • Click "Open".

  • Make sure the icon is selected and click "Use this image".

Site Title

This allows you to add the name of your website or brand to your site.

  • Input website or brand name into Site Title field.

Site Tagline

The Site Tagline allows you to add a short description or slogan.

  • Input short description or slogan into Site Tagline field.


The Cwicly settings allow you to add a Google Maps API and to toggle Gutenberg Styles (toggled on by default).

Google Maps API

This allows you to add a Google Maps API to include Google Maps features and functionality.

  • Input your Google Maps API into the Google Maps API field.

Remove Gutenberg Styles

You can choose to remove or not remove Gutenberg Styles. By default, Remove Gutenberg Styles is toggled on.

  • Toggle Remove Gutenberg Styles as required.


The Editor settings allow you to enable the Cwicly Quick Inserter and to choose the mode of the Editor( Inherit, light, Dark).

Quick Inserter

The Cwicly Quick Inserter toggle allows you to enable or disable the Cwicly Quick Inserter which allows you to add blocks to your page swiftly without having to delve into the Block Inserter.

By default, the Cwicly Quick Inserter is hidden.

  • Toggle Quick Inserter as required.

Editor Mode

Editor Mode allows you to determine the mode of the Editor, such as System Inherit, Light or Dark.

By default, Editor Mode is set to System Inherit.

  • Choose required mode in the Editor Mode dropdown.

  • Click "Next" to continue to the "Beginner's Guide".

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