Nav Dropdown Block

  • The Nav Dropdown Block (Home) comes with 2 Groups, each with a sample title and 3 linked items. You can also add a Footer block if required.

  • Alternatively the Nav Dropdown Block (Solutions) Comes with a Footer in addition to the Body.

  • The sample Menu Title can easily be changed as required.

  • Find Menu Title in the Settings tab of the Primary tab.

  • Input required Menu Title.

Custom Content

Custom Content can be toggled on to allow you to add blocks as required.

  • When toggled on, Custom Content will remove the preset dropdown content, allowing you to add new blocks.

The Cwicly Nav block allows you to have two distinct sections (as required) to your Nav, the Body above and the Footer below.

The Body and Footer buttons allow you to edit the Body or Footer separately as you can have two distinct sections to your Nav, each with their own settings and styles.

The Nav is set, by default, to Body.


The Body is the upper section of the Nav Dropdown Block and can be fully customised from the Primary tab.

  • With the Nav Dropdown block selected, in the settings tab of the Primary tab, select Body tab.


This applies to Modal view, and allows you to choose whether or not to allow a multilevel structure.

  • To enable or disable Multilevel, in the Settings tab of the Primary tab, choose Multilevel true or false.

  • With Multilevel (true).

  • Without Multilevel (False).

  • As you can see, all levels are shown at the same time.


You can add Dividers between groups as required. They are automatically positioned and the necessary number provided.

  • To add a Divider, set Divider to "True".

  • This will create a space between the groups where you can style your Divider.

  • The Divider can be styled as required from the Styles tab.


Placing elements in Groups allows you to group multiple links inside a particular category while retaining freedom in form and control over every element.

Add a Group

To add a group, find Group and click the "+" Icon. This will add a new Group with a Title and Link field at the end of any other Groups.

Remove a Group

To remove a Group, click the Trash icon to the right of the Group you wish to remove.

Custom Content

At any time, you can remove the preset content of the Group and add your own content.

  • Find the Custom Content Icon "C" and click to remove preset content.

  • The Icon Background will turn blue to indicate that it is toggled on.

  • Customise as required.

Rename Group Title

The Group Title can be changed as required.

  • Delete default title and input your own Group Title as required.

Edit Group Title

  • Click Edit Icon next to Title to be modified to open the Group Settings modal.

Group Settings

This is where you can customise everything to do with your Nav Groups.

  • Click Link icon to add a link.

  • Choose between URL or Action as required.

Modify Title

The Title can be modified from the Group Settings modal.

  • Find Title and input new Title as required.


You can add an Icon or an Image to your Title.

  • To add an Icon, click the "Icon" Icon.

  • An Icon selector will appear.

  • Click Icon selector to customise icon as required.

  • By default the Icon is placed before the Title but can be placed after the Title by clicking "After".

  • Click Image Icon to upload an Image.

  • The Image can be placed before or after the Title as required.

  • Add URL or click Search Icon to upload required image.

Group Styles

You can customise a large range of Styles from the Group Settings modal such as: Title wrapper, Title, Title Icon, Title Image, Wrapper, Icon, Image, Label Wrapper, Label, Description.

The item affected by the chosen style is highlighted in blue so that you know exactly what will be modified by changing a particular style.

  • Click selected Style to open the corresponding Style editor where all the usual Style elements are located.

  • Click "X" to close the Style Editor.

Global Styles

When you modify a style, it will only affect the current View mode unless the Global icon is enabled.

  • Click "Global" icon to ensure that the Style is applied to all view modes (multilevel).

  • The Icon background will become blue.

Style Visibility

By default, styles added in the Style Editor will be visible.

  • To hide a Style, click the Visibility Icon next to a particular Style.

Copy Group Style

  • To Copy a Group Style, click the Copy Icon next to the Style.

Paste Group Style

  • Click Paste Icon to add a Copied Style.

Reset Group Style

  • To reset a Group Style, click the corresponding "Reset" Icon.

A Link or Action can be added to the Group Title and an Action can be added to a Group Link.

  • Click "Link" icon to add an action or a link.

Duplicate Group

A Group can be copied by clicking the "Duplicate" icon next to the Group to be copied.

  • Click "Duplicate" icon to copy a Group.

  • Click "+" Icon next to Links to add a link.

The new link will be added at the end of the Link items.

  • Input name in name field in new Link.

Groups and Links can be easily moved to facilitate complete design freedom.

  • To change the position of a Group or Link, simply drag to required position in the list.

  • This will be replicated in the Nav.

  • Move a Group:

  • Move a Link:

Link Settings allow you to customise everything to do with your Group Links such as Title, Description, Media and Styling options.

  • Click "Settings" icon to open Link Settings modal.

  • Click "Link" icon in Link Settings modal to open the Link modal.

  • Choose Link or Action.

  • Customise as required.

  • Input or modify Link Title as required in title field.

  • Find Description field in Link Settings.

  • Modify or input new description as required.

  • Click "Icon" or "Image" to add an Icon or an Image to your link as required.

See Media.

Link Styles can be customised from the link Setttings modal as required.

See Group Styles.

  • Click "Duplicate" icon next to Link to be copied.

  • Click the "Trash" Icon to remove a Link.

  • The Footer section can be customised in the same way as the Group section from the settings tab of the Primary tab with the Nav Dropdown block selected.

  • Click Footer tab to customise the Footer section in the same way as the Body Section.

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