Shells are a unique Cwicly feature that allow you to create reusable collections of Tailwind classes to avoid repeated modifications to identical blocks. This is a game changer.

Since this is a new feature in Cwicly, it would be helpful to go through an example.


In the template below you can see the utility classes for each avatar image are repeated five separate times.

Convert to Shell

  • Select the avatar image block.

  • Click the shell icon to open the Shell converter.

  • A list of the current classes applied to your block will appear.

  • If you already have applied a shell to the block, it will also appear as shells can nest other shells.

By default, all Tailwind classes are selected for shelling.


  • To select or deselect, simply click on the desired class.


  • Assign a suitable name.

  • Click create or press enter.

Notice all the selected classes have now been shelled into the Avatar shell.


  • To inspect the contents of a shell, simply hover.


  • To modify the shell, click the Shell.

  • Modify as required.

  • Modify the shell’s name in the appropriate field.


  • To exit shell modification, simply click the back icon.

Apply to other blocks

  • Let’s apply the avatar shell to our other avatars.

  • Right click the "+" icon to remove all classes.

  • Click the "+" icon to open the class selector and select the required shell in the shell area.

  • Any change you make to a shell will automatically and globally apply to all blocks.

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