The Cwicly Themer can be used to create new templates, edit existing templates or delete templates.

Most importantly, you can manage different conditions you want to apply to templates to specify where and how they appear when a user navigates through your website.

This means that you can apply conditions to a template so that it is used for a single or multiple locations (ie. an archive page, a singular element, a product page etc.).

You can also quickly access the templates parts "editor" through the parts button to improve your workflow.


  • Navigate to the Wordpress Dashboard

  • Find Cwicly.

The search functionality allows you to find the Template you are looking for in an instant.


  • Enter the template name in the Search field to locate the required template.


  • Click "All" to search the dropdown of all available templates.

Cwicly Themer Tabs

A Singular element is a single queried element such as a post or a page. An Archive is a collection of singular elements.

The Cwicly Themer is structured into four tabs: templates, parts, global parts and settings.


The Templates Tab allows you to visualise every template added to your installation. This allows you identify your template quickly and even scroll through it for a global overview.


The Parts Tab is a quick access button to the Templates Part section of the Site Editor where you can create Template Parts.

Global Parts

The Global Parts Tab allows you to add global headers and footers as well as any other template parts to your entire website to speed up your workflow.


The Settings Tab is a quick access button to a useful area where your Settings are immediately available from a single place. They can be viewed and edited from here including: Licence details (Pluggin License Key, Theme License Key), Icon Collections, Font Sets, Google Maps API, Custom Code, Advanced Settings.

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