The menu block contains a clickable list of Items separated by empty space.

The Menu Items all have the same colour.

The Menu contains Main Menu Items that can also contain a Sub Menu with Sub Menu Items.

In order to use the Menu block, you need to set up a Menu from the Dashboard.

Add Menu block

If you want to add a menu block outside any other block on the page:

  1. Click on the βž• ​​icon to open the Inserter Panel

If you want to add a menu block inside a parent block:

  1. Open the Quick Insert panel in the parent block

When you add a Cwicly Menu block, a placeholder is automatically added to help you get started.

You can click "+Select Menu" if you have already created the menu you wish to use or you can click "+Create New Menu" if you need to make a menu.

+ Select Menu

If you have already created the Menu you want to add, click "+ Select Menu".

This will take you to the Primary tab of the Block Inspector where you will find your Menu in the Menu dropdown.

+ Create New Menu

If you have not yet created the menu you require, click "+ Create New Menu".

This takes you directly to the WordPress dashboard where you can create your new menu.


Allows you to set specific settings for the menu block.



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