Grouped products in WooCommerce are a chosen number of Simple Products grouped together.

You would use a Grouped Product when you wanted to sell distinct but similar products that can be viewed together on the same product page.

The advantage of having a Grouped Product page is that it is easier for customers to find similar or related items without wasting time searching through pages of products.

In order to follow the documentation, you will need to have created a number of Simple Products before setting up an overall Grouped Product.

Create a Simple Product

Create a Grouped Product

Set up your Simple Product pages. As an example, we have set up 4 Simple Products as shown below.

  • Now head to the Dashboard and open "Products".

  • Click "Add new".

  • This will open a Product page for your Grouped Product.

  • Name your new product, in the example case "Set of Women's Sandals".

  • Add required description.

Grouped Product Image

  • In the Product gallery panel, you need to select required Images for the Simple Products that you want to Group.

  • Click "Add product gallery images".

  • Select Simple Product images to add to your new Grouped Product page.

  • You will see your selected images in the Product gallery thumbnail.

  • Open the Product data dropdown. (Simple product by default).

  • Select Grouped product in dropdown.

  • Open Linked products tab.

  • Search in window for the Simple products you wish to add to the Grouped Product and click to select.

  • You should now see the selected Simple products grouped in the "Grouped products" window.

Grouped Product SKU

  • Add a SKU for your Grouped Product.

Short Description

  • Add a short description in the "Product short description" window.

  • When you are happy, click "Publish".

  • You should now find your Grouped Product in the Products page.

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