Global Gradients

Gradients can be created, named, modified or removed directly from the Gradients tab of the Colours tab of the Cwicly Global Styles tab.


  • Navigate to the Global Styles tab of the Block Inspector.

  • Open the Colours tab and the Gradients tab.

  • To add a custom gradient global, click the "+" icon.

The new Global Gradient will be visible as a chip next to the "+" sign.


  • In the Gradients tab (Global Styles tab, Colours tab), Input name next to custom Global Gradient.


  • To remove a Global Gradient, click the "bin" icon next to Global Gradient to be removed.


  • To modify a Global Gradient, Click the Gradient chip to open the Gradient Builder.

  • Click a colour stop to open the Colour Picker.

  • Modify as required.

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