The Cwicly License allows you to refresh your license data and access your account.

It also indicates whether your license is Active or not.

You must have a current subscription to activate Cwicly.

If you are on a local installation, you might have to deactivate the SSL Verify property in the advanced panel.

The Cwicly plugin and theme are automatically activated since version 1.2.2.

When downloading or updating Cwicly, the license keys linked to your account are directly shipped with the Cwicly plugin in the license-data.php file. No additional steps are required.

If you want to use Cwicly on more websites you can upgrade your license. You only pay the price difference between your current and new subscription.

Refresh data

Make an API call to the Cwicly servers to refresh your license data. Useful if you have changed servers, license keys or emails.

  • From the Dashboard, open Cwicly Settings.

  • In My Account, select "Refresh Data".

Access Cwicly Account

  • From the Dashboard, open Cwicly Settings.

  • In My Account, select "My Account".

  • Input your Email address and Cwicly Password in the appropriate fields.

  • Click "Log in".

Manually define license keys

If for whatever reason you are receiving an error or want to specify your license keys manually, you can do so by adding the following constants to your wp-config.php.

    * Define Cwicly license constants manually to override the ones provided by default.
    * Make sure the email corresponds to the license key purchase email.
// The Cwicly plugin license key.
if (!defined('CC_LICENSE_KEY')) {
    define('CC_LICENSE_KEY', 'replace_with_plugin_license');

// The Cwicly theme license key.
if (!defined('CC_LICENSE_THEME_KEY')) {
    define('CC_LICENSE_THEME_KEY', 'replace_with_theme_license');

// The email linked to the license key.
if (!defined('CC_LICENSE_EMAIL')) {
        define('CC_LICENSE_EMAIL', 'replace_with_email');

Update license

To update the license on your current installation, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Cwicly root folder

  • Open the license-data.php file

  • Locate the following line: define('CC_LICENSE_KEY', 'OLDKEY');

  • Replace with the newly provided key: define('CC_LICENSE_KEY', 'NEWKEY');

  • Save and exit

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