Allows you to customise the way the editor looks and functions.

Dark Mode

Allows you to make the editor dark, light or in accordance to your system's settings.

Inspector Position

Allows you to change the inspector's position to either the right or left, according to what's most comfortable for you.

Dark Background

Allows you to have a dark background while editing (best used in tandem with dark mode).

Hide Hooks

Allows you to hide hooks while editing.

Quick Inserter

Allows you to choose whether to display the Quick Inserter or not.

Linked Values

Allows you to have the Margin & Padding property to be linked or not.

Quick flex

This setting is enabled by default

Cwicly automatically adds a flex position, whenever a flex property is selected (helps to quicken your workflow).

Free-form rules

For Relative Styling, this sets the free-form rule setting by default.

Global Pseudos

Create your Pseudo classes here exclusively for Global Styles.

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