Scroll Direction

The Scroll Direction property allows you to set scrolling interactions, for the moment only on scroll direction (scroll event).

Remember to toggle on the Scroll Direction property to enable this function

  • Select a block.

  • Navigate to the Advanced tab.

  • Open Scrolling tab.

  • Open the Scroll Direction tab to show settings.


The Scroll Direction Offset property allows you to control the amount the top of the sliver has been scrolled past the top of the viewport(top, bottom or both).

  • Open the Scroll Direction tab.

  • Set Top And/or Bottom offset.


The Tolerance property allows you to set a distance (in pixels), at which an action is triggered (Up, Down or both).

  • Open Scroll Direction tab.

  • Set Up/Down tolerancce.


The Action property allows you to set the type of Action you require on scroll, such as scroll down -slide up, scroll down - reset position, scroll up - slide up, scroll up - reset position.

  • Open Scroll Direction tab.

  • Set required Scroll Direction Action in the dropdown.

Transition Duration

The Transition Duration property allows you to set a duration for your Action effect.


Selectors shows you the list of classes that are applied automatically to the block for which you have activated the Scroll Direction property.

  • Select a block.

  • Open the Advanced Block.

  • Open Scroll tab.

  • Open Scroll Direction tab.

  • Click Selectors.

  • The Scroll Direction Selectors modal shows all the classes applied to the block.

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