Quick Inserter

The Cwicly Quick Inserter allows you to swiftly add blocks to your page without having to delve into the Block Inserter.

The Cwicly Quick Inserter needs to be activated to be visible in the editor.

  • To do this, navigate to the Global Styles tab in the Block Inspector.

  • Open the Settings tab and then the Backend tab.

  • Toggle the Quick Inserter on to add it to the editor.

By default, the Quick Inserter contains a few Cwicly Blocks but you can add more or less, and add Gutenberg Blocks as well.

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the Quick Inserter

  2. Select the ➕ icon

  3. Search for the desired block (using the search bar or manually doing so)

  1. Select the desired block to remove

  2. Hover over its icon

  3. See Tooltip appear

  4. Select the ➖ icon to delete

You can disable the quick inserter from the Global Styles Settings tab, in the Backend tab or by deactivating this feature in the Role Editor.


The quick inserter can be organised to better suit your workflow, by dragging the block's icon into the desired place.

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