Save Design to Library

Whether you have built your block from scratch, have downloaded it from the Cwicly design library or the Community, you can save your block to the Cloud Library as long as you have created an account at

Click the "cloud" icon in the toolbar.

This will open a panel entitled “Add to Design Library” at the top.

Add a name (and a short description - optional).

Choose the category to which you want to add your block design.

Add some tags and styles from the drop downs to make it easier to search for your design later.

You can personalise the featured image if you want to.

Gallery allows you to add some screenshots to your gallery.

Viewpoint width: modifies the scroll thumbnail view.

Attach global styles: you can choose whether or not to attach the global styles you have used in the design block if you want to.

Insertable: means the block can be inserted inside a block on the page. By default it is toggled on.

Community: toggle on if you want to share the design block with the community.

Then click the blue button “Save to Library” at the top.

This will open a window where you can choose which library you want to save to.

If you want to add a new library for your design, click the "+" icon.

To add it to a different library (another account), simply add a Private Key and click “Connect”.

The new library will now appear.

You will now find your modified block design in the library and categories you have saved it to.

You will notice that with personal designs, if you hover on the top right corner you have the possibility of editing your design, downloading as a TXT file or deleting it.

The name of your design will appear at the bottom as well as the username you have chosen as creator.

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