Library: Add Styles

To add your Global Styles to the Library, open the Global Styles tab.

Right click the Icon of either the Colours tab, Typography tab or Elements tab. They all open the same modal and import all Global styles to your library.

Click "Save Global Styles to Library". All the Global Styles(colours, typography, elements) on your installation will be added to the Library.

Add a name for your collection.

You can add a short description (optional)

Select a style.

You can add a featured image (optional) from your computer by clicking the "+" icon.

Toggle on "Community" if you want to share your collection with the community. Otherwise leave it off.

Next, click "Save to library".

This opens up a new panel on the left.

Select the library to which you want to add your Styles.

You will see a message appear at the bottom left of the page "Success! My Colours was saved to GloSty." This confirms that your Colours have been saved correctly.

If you want to create a new library for your Global Styles, click "+".

Then enter a new Private Key generated at

Your Global Styles should appear in your Library under Styles.

If not, click the β€œRefresh” icon to refresh.

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