# F.A.Q

The F.A.Q or Frequently Asked Questions, gives you answers to commonly asked questions about how Cwicly works. Its a bit like an automated customer support page.

Cwicly is the future of website building, unleashing the full power of Wordpress and Gutenberg, to give you full control and flexibility over your site.

One of the reasons for this is because of Mixed Content, when initial HTML is loaded over a secure HTTPS connection, but other resources (such as images, videos, stylesheets, scripts) are loaded over an insecure HTTP connection. To protect against this, make sure that all your content passes by HTTPS

Cwicly does reset a few CSS properties forcefully added by Gutenberg. In principle, Cwicly won’t affect other blocks, but might be affected by them.

For custom fields, ACF Pro is fully supported and integrates the dynamic content of wordpress.

Cwicly integrates most of WordPress’ links (current post url, category url, featured image etc…). Dynamic video background links are not yet supported.

Yes, individual blocks can be disabled and/or enabled natively through Gutenberg.

  1. Open the Gutenberg Editor
  2. Navigate to the Options menu
  3. Click the Preferences selection
  4. Select blocks
  5. Toggle the desired block

Template parts (a Gutenberg feature) can be inserted wherever they are required (in our modals as well). Conditions can also be added to Cwicly blocks so that they don’t appear on pages. Any other conditions can be added as well.

Cwicly supports animate on scroll. There are also pre-built CSS animations that you can apply to specific Cwicly blocks.

The Cwicly plugin doesn't require the Cwicly theme. It is there to guarantee that there are no conflicts with the designs created in the editor.

All current and future features added to Cwicly will be available for every plan, forever.

Cwicly has a lot of exciting things in the pipeline (popups with conditions are already available) such as WooCommerce, a form builder (which will include newsletter possibilities) and integrations with big WordPress plugins.

Cwicly is pronounced like 'Quicly'. We like to think that Cwicly gets things done quickly and Professionally!

The updates for ACF Pro are handled as soon as they become available. So you will need to update the Cwicly plugin as soon as we have made sure that the new version of ACF is fully compatible with Cwicly and doesn’t break anything.

Cwicly provides full support via Live Chat and Email. We take pride in finding satisfactory solutions and answers to all our clients' concerns as quickly as possible.